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School days, school daze and sharing TIME

Whew! One more week and I'm finished . . . well, until January.

Sorry I've been absent. But I'm back now. Unfortunately, I'm too exhausted to do a post of any relevance what-so-ever. My brain is so full of information I'll need for final exams next week that I can't think of much else.

However, I do have some good news . . . ready?

THE TIMEKEEPER'S MOON contest will be launching on or before Sunday!

It's true. I had a few minutes between classes to check the mail yesterday and was thrilled to see a package from Joni Sensel among the bills (wasn't so thrilled to see the bills though). Inside this wonderful package was an ARC of THE TIME KEEPER'S MOON as well as some other fun items (to be revealed later).

I'll launch the contest before Sunday if possible, but I have one more project for school that needs finishing . . . and I'll be at the kids' school for the Holiday Store all day today, tomorrow, and Saturday. If I get time in the evening, I'll do it.

Joni tells me the other two ARCs are on their way, so we'll have three copies going out. I'm thrilled to death to be able to do this contest for her, and I really hope it goes well. That means I'll need lots of help to spread the word. You guys will help me spread the word, right?

Now I must dash to get the kids to school and get my stuff together so I can go back to the kids' school and set up my little store. I hope a lot of the online store stuff sells so I'll have room in my shed for other things. I also hope the jewelry and bookmarks I made sell . . . I'd hate to think I spent so much time making them for nothing.


Sell on. ;-)


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