authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

It's time . . .

for a contest. But I'm not quite ready to launch THE TIMEKEEPER'S MOON contest so here's a link to another great contest for you to check out in the meantime.

Cheryl Herbsman is having a contest with some truly cool prizes for the winning. Be sure to check it out and also check out her Q&A video session to learn more about what inspired her to write BREATHING as well as some insight to the characters.

Go on, check it out and then head on back if you want to keep reading. Or maybe you want to read on now and then go to the contest later. That's okay too.

Another thing it may be time for is reconsidering my educational goals. I spent today in my daughter's second grade classroom. I wasn't volunteering, but observing the classroom management for my Intro to Education course. My eyes have been opened and I have a newfound respect for all the teachers out there.

D2's teacher did tell me that this class is much more rambunctious than any class she's ever had and not all of them are like this.

THANK GOODNESS! Because I was seriously considering changing my field of study.

D2 had informed me that it was often hard for her to concentrate on her work in class, but I thought she was only making excuses. I apologized to her after school today.

Tomorrow I'm observing a kindergarten classroom so we'll see how it goes.

Study on.


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