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Have idea, will Nano

Whew! After days of agonizing about what to write for Nano, I've made a final decision. I decided not to use any of my previous ideas and go in a new direction. My sister and I had recently been discussing the option of co-authoring a novel. She had this great idea so the original plan was for her to write it and then I'd work off her initial writing and we'd go from there. Unfortunately, she's not really into the whole writing aspect of things and has been unable for the last month or so to get much more than a basic outline for the main idea.

After speaking with her today, we decided I'd write the first draft for Nano and then we'll consult and conspire from there. She sent me her basic outline which she freely admitted was lacking in anything other than that main idea. From there I started researching and came up with some amazing plotlines that would connect well with the main idea. I'm extremely excited about this.

I kept telling sis that her main idea was great and would make an amazing book, but she didn't see how . . . until I called her with my plot suggestions. The book is going in a different direction than she originally planned, but we both love it and spent a couple of hours phoning back and forth to bounce ideas and add to the thing.

So I've got my research printed out, I've got most of the character names, and now I'm ready to write up a chapter outline. I should be able to dive in to the actual writing of the novel tomorrow.

Yeah, I'm starting the actual writing a couple of days late, but I have faith that I'll still make it to the end in time.


Write on!


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