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Nagging Novels and Pretty Pictures

I've had an idea nagging at me for some time. It started out as a "What if" scenario and has slowly developed from there. I finally had enough concrete ideas to write a summary last night, so I did.

Now I'm hoping it will leave me alone and allow me to continue working on my current WIP. However, I'm thinking I may go ahead and ditch my YA Nano idea and go for this new MG adventure in November.

You all remembered Nano is next month, right? How many of you are participating this year?

When I'm not distracted by stupid games (CURSE you Facebook!), I'm plugging away at my revisions. Still a ways to go, but I'm getting there.

I've been enjoying Robin's fall pictures on her blog these past few weeks and longing for a fall forest scene of my own. Alas, I have no forests in fall color around here (lots of evergreens though) and have been lamenting this. Today I took a REAL look around me and discovered I don't have a forest, but I DO have some beautiful fall colors right in my own yard (DUH)!

So here are some pictures.

These are my hedges out front

hedges changing

And my peach tree in the back is starting to change

peach tree changing

peach tree changing1

I still wish I had a forest of fall colors to walk through, but this little bit of color will have to do for now.


Write on.


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