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All (good?) things . . .

It's official. I went to work for the last time today. I got my last paycheck. I thought about shedding a tear of regret, but the joy of being finished overwhelmed me and I couldn't muster a tear of sorrow. Maybe later. *grin*

I enjoyed the time I spent on the project and here is what Archiving taught me:

1. Reading other people's letters is fascinating and fun

2. Taking notes on other people's letters is not so much fun

3. Seeing history through another person's eyes is way better than reading about it in a history book

4. Seeing personal history through another person's eyes can be too much of a good thing

5. Professional archivists hired to teach us what to do may not know what they're talking about

6. With a bit of research and the wonderful world wide web, someone who knows nothing about archiving can access some of the best references in the world  and teach themselves what to do

7. Deciding on doing a project one way and going forward can pay off in the end when the decision is made to scrap the old way and start new

8. Scrapping the old way and starting over pays well but is frustrating

9. Archiving is an adventure

10. Adventure isn't all it's cracked up to be


Seriously though there were many good things from this project and I'm very blessed to have been a part of it. I'll miss it in a way, but I'm still relieved to be finished.

And now for another good thing. A trailer for BALLAD! Even if you found the rest of this post boring, you're being rewarded for enduring because now you get to see this:




Write on!


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