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It's all good

I'm way behind on reviews and while this isn't exactly a review, I just had to post a blog before I head off to work this morning.

Yesterday a package from was waiting for me when I got home from work. Excitement filled the air as my children stood around to see what it could be. I told them the package contained the books I ordered, but this did not send them scurrying from the room. Nay, they still hung about like vultures. I opened the box and took out the packaging material to reveal . . . .

Books! (I told ya so.)

While not all the books I ordered were in the package, there was one more than I expected. Somewhere in my clicking I must have added an extra copy, because there in the box was not one, but TWO shiny copies of PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE by Cynthea Liu. Why I needed two copies, I'll never know, but there they were all new and shiny and smelling like the brand new books they were.

I logged on to Amazon to check (I thought they may have made an error) and sure enough, I had mistakenly ordered two copies. I debated about sending one back, but since I had ordered them from Cynthea's website as part of her Dare to Care, I figured it's all good and I'll keep the extra copy to pass on to someone else.

Anyway, I did a tad bit of revising, but dang if those two shiny books didn't keep daring me to read them (or at least one of them). So I read last night until 11:00 when my poor exhausted body insisted I close my peepers and get some sleep (cause I do have to function at work today).

I obeyed and slept until 4:35am. Upon waking, I took myself to the restroom (because my bladder insisted on being emptied) and snuggled back into bed to try to get some more sleep. But sleep would not come because right next to my bed were those two shiny new books and the one with the bookmark kept tempting me.

Book: "Come on, you know you want to read me."

Me: "I need some more sleep."

Book: "But look how far you've already read. Remember, you stopped right at Chapter 10 and you were about to find out more about Mayo's plan."

Me: "Yeah, but I have to work later and I need more sleep."

Book: "But don't you want to know what happens next?"

Me: "Of course I do, but I also want to be able to stay awake at work."

Book: "Well, it's your loss, but I promise you there are great things waiting for you in the next chapters."

Me: "Really? They can't be that great. You're just trying to get me to pick you up."

Book: "Nope, I'm telling you, great stuff."

Me: "But it's too dark in here to read and if I turn on the light, it will wake hubby up."


And so the conversation went for the next hour and a little bit. When hubby finally got up just before six o'clock, I grabbed the book, flipped on the light, and continued reading.

You know what? The book was right. GREAT STUFF! I'll have to write a proper review later, but dang I L-O-V-E-D this book! =D

If you haven't yet read PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE, you ought to.


Now I've got to jump into the shower and get to work in half an hour!


Write on!


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