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I've had a pretty productive week so far. I managed to get a couple of books read and one review written (still need to write one more). I'm not sure if I'll be posting both reviews on my blog . . . we'll see . . .

I also managed to write a rhyming PB. Now, I don't claim to be a poet and I'm not sure how great it is, but it's written, revised, and ready. I'm not sure what I'll do with it . . .

Also, I've managed to get some revision done in the last couple of days! Now I know revisions never end and there will always be more things to tweak, but I'm happy to have reached page 81 of 211. This may not seem like much, but these are major revisions so they take some time. I seem to be adding more than I'm cutting at this point, but I knew this was likely as there were some tricky spots I had skipped over when I initially wrote it.

I've even gone back to the beginning a couple of times to add a few more little details. So I'm proud of the work I've accomplished these last several days. My goal is to be finished with these major revisions before June 27th. I've set this goal because I have a few beta readers I've promised to get manuscripts to on that date.

It seems like I'll reach this goal with no problem, but I go back to work tomorrow (I've been off due to the sickness S1 brought home from camp) and I won't have as much time. Hopefully I'll still get it finished.

Speaking of work, I've told my boss that I will no longer be coming in to work after June 30th. I know it seems horrible to stop working in this economy when jobs are scarce, but I will still be working a little . . . I just won't be going in to work every day. I'll be working from home when I have spare time from my writing, reading, reviewing, etc. I'm basically done with my portion of the project with only a bit of organizing of images to complete (and I can do that on my computer at home). And remember, this was supposed to be a 3-6 month job and I've been working for almost 2 years.

As you can tell by my rationalization, I feel kind of guilty about my decision because so many friends and family are being laid off. But it is the best decision for my family, myself, and my writing. It's time for me to concentrate on getting published. =)

And now I better get back to revising because I don't have much time today as we are taking the kiddies to see a movie this afternoon.


Write on.


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