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I'm so happy!

No, I haven't found an agent yet, but today on goadingthepen's blog she had a wonderful recipe for Snow-cone syrup!

While you may think this is no bid deal, it's a huge thing to me! We have an ice shaver and during the summer we use it . . . well, probably WAY too much. Anyway, that's not the point (and yes I do  have one) . . . the point is that I have a difficult time finding the syrup and even if I can find it, I don't particularly care for the flavors offered.

But now I am saved! Check out the recipe:

Sno-Cone Syrup
2 cups sugar
1 cup water
1 cup unsweetened kool-aid pack (your favorite flavor)
Boil sugar and water. Add kool-aid pack. Cool and refrigerate. Pour over shaved ice. Depending on how sweet or thick you like your syrup you can add more or less sugar and or water. For a stronger flavor double the kool-aid.

If you don't have an ice shaver, put ice in a sturdy ziploc, cover with a towel and let kids bash with a rubber mallet.
To store syrup use a sports bottle with a pull up top for easy pouring. Or use a refillable type condiment bottle. This stores in the fridge for months.

Can you believe it?! Now I can make my own syrup and have the flavors I want (plus a few mixed up ones . . . cause we like mixing our Kool-aid flavors)!

Yes, my friends, happiness is in the small things. June is off to a great start. Can it get better than this? We'll see . . .

Write on.


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