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Another Slush Pile contest

Slushy is having another contest. Here are the details (from slushy's blog):

It's time to Bait Me!

What is Bait Me? Many in the industry call it a hook, but, to me, a hook is a one line blurb. I'm a smart fish and I need something on the hook before I'll bite.  I consider the bait to be the lines preceding your hook.

So, friends, writers, bloggers, send me your bait and hook. This is a contest but I'll get to the prize later. First, please be sure you understand the rules.

Send your bait and hook (no more than five sentences) to crit_write @ officeliveusers . com in the following format:

Screen Name: (won't be posted)



Bait and hook:

Now to the prize:

The winner of the contest will receive a one chapter critique.

I was fortunate enough to win a chapter critique from Slushy in a previous contest. While it stung a little, it was an honest critique and quite helpful. I'll be entering this contest (with a different MS) . . . so how about giving me a little competition? *grin*

Write on.

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