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Thursday Things

Today I left work at noon. We loaded the kids into hubby's truck and drove for about an hour to a lake where we spent a couple of hours fishing. It had been ten years since we went to this lake (Black Canyon) to fish.

The kids had fun, hubby had fun, I had fun . . . but I did get a little sunburned on my face (forgot the sunscreen there DUH).

All total, we kept eleven rainbow trout (we caught many more but put them back). Hubby taught me how to clean them. This may not seem like a huge thing to some of you, but I had never cleaned a fish in my life. It was a huge step for me (being an animal lover and all) and I'm proud of myself.

After we got home, I spent the next hour removing scales from all eleven trout. I de-boned two of them and then gave up (we'll pick the bones out after they've cooked). Right now the trout are baking in the oven (because I didn't feel like standing over a pan to fry them).

All in all, it was a good day . . . except for the sunburn.

In writing news, I've sent a few e-queries out into the world . . . we'll see what happens.

Now I've got to get some critiques done.


Write on.


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