authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

Team Raving Pen rocks!

We are doing well in the Maggie Stiefvater contest. Look at all the fantastic people who have already joined Team Raving Pen:

1. ravelda
2. goadingthepen
3. jessica_shea
4. britlitfantwin
5. shanasilver
6. music_lover3
7. fabulousfrock
8. edgyauthor
9. robinellen
10. juliakarr
11. lisa_schroeder
12. authorwithin
13. kbaccellia
14. latteya
15. eclectic_writer
16. carriejones
17. __bac__
18. sruble
19. gag01001
20. cyn2write
21. afraclose
22. azang
23. inkbabies
24. kathys_shadow
25. crzywritermindi
26. aliensplicer
27. dragonflame_05
28. veschwab
29. denisejaden
30. brian_ohio
31. jeniwrites
32. tmthomas
33. coloradowriter
34. mandywriter
35. carrie_boo
36. heatherkb
37. lillpluta
38. tamarak
39. janel_harrison
40. lalam
41. miladyinsanity
42. kristydempsey
43. elissadcruz
44. sixverstein
45. ecm_sketches
46. pamm
47. aerinrose
51. learningtoread
52. arya_darcy
53. lindajsingleton
54. futuredoctor19
56. ebenstone
57. slush_one
58. zibeth
59. confusedlook
60. sarahlepstein
61. fandoria
63. sboman
64. bbovenguy
65. suzelle
66. sahm2
67. dawn_metcalf


But it's not too late! By joining Team Raving Pen you'll help us keep the lead and not only will you get a crit of your first five pages from Maggie Stiefvater, but you'll also be entered for the following:

3 ARC of Shiver to Share!
8 signed copies of Lament to draw for.
1 copy of Eyes Like Stars + theatre package.

All you have to do is Join Team Raving Pen in the Maggie Stiefvater Shiver long as we keep our lead until 8PM Tonight. EVERYONE on board gets a critique and is entered for the other prizes. The more people who join in the better our chances.
So what are you waiting for? Come on it is only one little post and one little reply!

Here's what to do:

Karen has made it really easy. Go Here and copy the code she has on her post:

Paste it onto your blog in a post.

Then go here:

Let Maggie know you posted one for Team Raving Pen!

It's that simple! So get to posting and help us kick it in for the win!


Post on!

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