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Critique Group openings

Hello all!

Works in Progress (WIP) critique group is accepting new member applications. We are a group of intermediate to advanced writers committed to helping each other reach our publication goals and improve our writing one critique at a time. We prefer MG, YA, but accept some PB authors.


Here's a bit about our set-up:

Two members per month submit one chapter or equivalent (no more than 5000 words) the first week of the month (assigned schedule) via email. Members are given two weeks to complete the month's critiques (remember, there are only two) and on the fourth week, the members have an open discussion about the month's critiques (so we can all learn). We do provide for emergency submissions (for agent/editor revisions, contest entries, etc.).


If you're interested in joining, please send a brief bio about yourself (including writing experience) and a sample of your writing (no more than 500 words) to worksinprogress at officeliveusers dot com.

Write on.


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