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Dear readers,

I am not abandoning you, for I shall return. But for a while, I shall be busy. A friend's wedding is on the 20th and I have lots of sewing to get finished before then.

Therefore, I shall be away from blogging for a while. I may still pop in on your blogs to comment now and then, but after today, I will try to unplug myself from the laptop and plug into the the sewing machine.

Since today is my last full day of computer usage, I shall be using my remaining hours wisely. These marvelous hours will be spent pouring through my WIP and finishing up some major revisions (based on some feedback from first beta readers). If all goes well, these revisions will be complete today and I will be able to mail a hard copy to a very patient friend of mine (on Blogger . . . she knows who she is) for a critique.

So, this activity means I shall be away from this blog for a while . . . but I will be back sometime next week when the wedding is over. In the meantime, I wish you all good times, good company, good health, good writing, and good news!


Write on.


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