authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

King Cake Party!

Are you ready to party? It is KING CAKE DAY! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the slice. Inside the king cake is hidden a plastic figure of a baby (or sometimes a pecan or whatever). The lucky person who gets the baby/pecan/whatever in their slice of king cake is the winner.

There is a catch though . . . if you get the baby/pecan/whatever, you have to host a party on your blog and offer some sort of fabulous prize(s) to the winner.

I was lucky enough to get the pecan last week on afraclose's blog so it's MY turn to host a party.

What do you win?

Yeah, I'm not sure about that yet, but I promise it will be something good. I'll send you a package of some sort with lots of fun stuff inside (maybe even a book or two).



(cake pictured is only a representation and is in no way meant to imply the actual cake will look like this)

Are you ready to put your name in for a slice of the cake? It's simple, all you have to do is leave a comment in this post. Yep, any old comment. Before I cut the cake, I will assign a slice to each person who comments (yep, I'm going to make a cake and everything). On Sunday I will cut the cake and announce the winner!

So, go on, leave a comment and see if you are lucky enough to get the baby (or whatever I put in there).

Write on.

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