authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

Politics stink.

Why is it that people who normally get along, even admire each other can suddenly turn into enemies and loath each other when politics are introduced into the mix?

What ever happened to "agree to disagree"?

The author of a blog I visit posted her views on politics and ended up bombarded by comments. Some comments were well thought out and added to a great political discussion. Other comments were rude and downright mean (and were deleted) in the form of personal attacks (anonymously of course).

In honor of this blogger, I will share my views on politics today.


First of all, I will let you know I did not vote for President Obama. I do not agree with many of his views. I know many people are excited and hopeful and I've heard several people say he will be able to clean up the mess of the last eight years. I've said it before, and I'll say it again here. The mess the country is in now, was more than eight years in the making. ;-)

Our world has been going downhill fast for quite some time now. I don't think any President (no matter who they are) can run fast enough to reach the bottom of the hill in time to stop it. This is not to say that Obama will not be able to do some good . . . and perhaps even slow the progression. ALL past Presidents have been able to do something during their administration to slow the downhill spiral. But no one has been able to stop it. I am of the belief that everything has a purpose. Obama is no exception.

Do I worry what the next several years will bring? Yes. Am I hopeful that good will come? Yes. Will bad also come? Yes.

It is inevitable. There MUST be opposition in all things. Without tasting the bad, we would be unable to recognize the good. There WILL be bad things come from this administration (bad comes from ALL administrations, regardless of party lines), but it is also inevitable that good will also come from this administration. All we can do with this (and ANY) administration is hope the good outweighs the bad. Unfortunately, we tend to remember the bad much longer than we do the good in most cases. ;-)

And so I am hopeful, but realistic in my views of this administration (as I have been with EACH administration). I'm sure if you think about it, you'll find there is something Obama is for that you are against or something he is against that you are for. It's difficult for me to believe that his views exactly match the views of everyone who voted for him. I voted for McCain because I agreed with more of his policies than I did with Obama's.

My views will likely differ with yours, and this is a good thing. If we agreed all of the time, we'd be a pretty boring bunch. But let's not allow our differing views to tear us apart. What this country needs more than anything is to truly be the United States. This means we must be willing to set aside our differences and support each other, no matter our views or personal politics.

So unite my friends and let us truly become "one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." 

Write on.

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