authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

It's the first Monday of 2009!

I sent my kids back to school today . . . except for D2, who is sick. I had planned to dive back into work, but D2 wants my attention and since she's sick, she's getting it. ;-)

At the moment she's distracted by the Pixos she got for Christmas so I will hopefully have a few hours of peace, but I doubt it since she wants me to "help" her do it. And by help, I mean she wants me to do it for her. But not this time, honey! ;-)

I've been feeling a bit sick myself and along with this comes the doldrums. I mope and give up on things and tend to be BLAH for a while . . . but then I read a post by Lisa Schroeder today and I'm  no longer feeling BLAH! Now I'm all fired up and thinking "Maybe this time . . ." In fact, I think "Maybe this time" will be my theme this year.

So thank you, Lisa for your post today. I have an online meeting with some writer friends today and I'm looking forward to it because I know I'll find more inspiration there (I always do). And then D2 may allow me some time to get work done. Yeah . . . maybe this time. :D

Write on.


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