October 13th, 2014


Monday’s Musings

Happy Columbus Day? Yep. It’s here. That glorious day when we celebrate/honor the man who “discovered” America even though we all know by now that he didn’t even reach North America. I’m not sure why we continue to have a Columbus Day—other than it’s an excuse for Federal Employees to have a day off. Not that Columbus wasn’t a great explorer. I mean, I suppose he was. But there are other explorers who did great things and we didn’t give them their own special day.

But while we’re talking about Columbus, I heard something amusing the other day. I can’t remember what I was watching on TV or who said it—and I’m not even sure I can remember the quote exactly—but it was about Christopher Columbus. The person said that Columbus was an excellent salesman. He convinced Spain to pay for three trips across the ocean to find a route that he never did find.

So true! I mean, Columbus got lost, was confused about where he landed, and lost a few ships and men along the way, but he still managed to convince the rich and powerful king and queen to continue to pay him to do these things.

But why celebrate Columbus? If we just need a Federal Holiday in October, let’s celebrate a wonderful North American! There are so many who have done wonderful things and deserve our recognition. But I suspect it won’t ever happen (though I heard that at least one state celebrates this day as Native American Day—I think it’s Washington, but don’t quote me on that). But here in Arizona, we will continue to take a day to celebrate Columbus. There will be parades in some areas (and there probably were in some other cities/towns in AZ—but not in mine). There will be children who glory in the day off from school. And there will be sales in stores.

Speaking of sales. I’m off to take advantage of them. Not that I want to, but necessity is a great driving force. My washing machine broke. And we are choosing replacement over repair. Sure, I could wash my clothes by hand like my poor oldest boy who is over in Africa (don’t worry, he’s in Accra, Ghana, where Ebola hasn’t reached—and hopefully never will), but I don’t wish to wash my clothes by hand. And since I don’t have to, I won’t.

After my shopping trip (and after getting my washer installed—because I don’t intend to come home without one—clean laundry is something to which I’ve become accustomed), I hope to get some writing done.

I hope you all enjoy your day! We don’t really do anything special to honor Columbus here. Do any of you do anything?

Write on!