September 12th, 2014


Friday Freaky Fun

Okay, so Halloween is coming up and so is Fall. Because I enjoy doing craft-ish things, I couldn’t resist when my hubby showed me a link on Facebook that took me to the Mason Jar Crafts Love site. There are so many fun projects there! I chose a couple that I loved and got to work.

These are the things I made:

candy corn jars

Candy Corn Jars

I spray painted the outside with Krylon Color Master paints (they stick to glass better than some of the other paints). Since the outside is painted, I can put things on the inside. Like candy corn candies. Open-mouthed smile

Or maybe some LED lights or something. I’m still thinking about what to do with them. But I couldn’t resist making them because they’re so adorable. Or maybe it’s just me.

Ghosts in Jars in dark lighted

Ghost in a jar.

SOOO adorable. I put solar lights in the lids for the two on the sides. The one in the middle is an upside down jar one with no light. I turned the lights off for this picture so you could sort of see what they look like lighted.

Here’s a picture without the lights off:

Ghosts in Jars not lighted

It’s hard to see, but the two with lights also have little RIP headstones in the ground next to them and really creepy trees behind them.

And then, because not everything is about Halloween, I made this for a Fall decoration:

Fall in a jar

It’s got some little Styrofoam gourds inside with Fall leaves behind the gourds and Spanish moss on the bottom.

Too much fun!!

I’ve got more jars planned and am looking forward to working on them (like the one on the website with the spiders and webbing inside—though I may change it up a bit like I did with some of these).

So that’s my Friday Freaky Fun. How was your day?

Write/Craft on!