October 22nd, 2009


Thursday thoughts

Hello out there . . .

After a crazy weekend of the huge family yard sale at my sister's house (didn't sell as much as I'd hoped) and a crazy week of sick kids (I don't think it's over as it hasn't been through all of them yet) and building a fence in the back yard (I'm doing it all by myself), I'm back to blogging.

I've not had time for much writing other than the ANWA newsletter . . . I don't remember if I told you about that new adventure . . . . if I didn't, I'm the new editor of the ANWA Newsletter . . . there, I've told you. I have only caught up on a few blogs, but I spent today volunteering at my kids' school. I'll be back there tomorrow morning to volunteer again and tomorrow afternoon will be devoted to making a costume for Saturday's party and getting my house in order before I run off to said party on Saturday. And then there's the homework I'm behind on, and the reading/reviewing I'm behind on . . . Alas, I'm resigned to the fact that my revisions will have to wait until next week.

However, I've been thinking about writing and pondering more about my MG idea for Nano. I've been torn about whether to do the MG or the YA idea, but I'm leaning more toward the MG. Since it has been so recently in my thoughts as I plot and plan it out in my mind, I'm beginning to think my decision has been made for me.

But there are ten more days until Nano officially starts and that's plenty of time for a brand new idea to take over.

Though I'm running behind and feeling the pressure to get things done, I'm not overly stressed about it which is a huge thing for me. Maybe I'm coming down with something as this is so out of character for me, or maybe I'm getting used to being inside the pressure cooker and have learned to keep my calm. Either way, it's nice not to be having panic attacks . . . now I just have to avoid catching the flu from my kids . . .


Write on.