September 16th, 2009


Back from the ledge

Thanks to Robin and Allison (who talked me back from the ledge), I'm feeling much more confident about attending my first  conference. Hopefully this confidence will last all the way up to and through the actual event next Saturday.

If anyone else has any advice/suggestions/comments about attending a conference, feel free to share.

In other news . . .

Yeah, I've got nothing. Hope everyone has a great day!


Write on.


Wednesday Wonderings

Yes, I know wonderings isn't technically a real word, but I wanted to try something new and couldn't think of a better word that began with W.

Anyway, I wonder about things all the time and decided to start using my wonderings (write it in your dictionaries, people) as writing prompts. Most of them will be in question form. In answering the questions, new worlds are invented, characters are built, and general fun is had.

I thought I'd share the fun and post my wonderings (have you written it in your dictionary yet?) in case other people wanted to try their hand (or keyboard) at answering the question in their own way.

So, our first Wednesday Wondering is this:


What would a village look like in a world with no land?


Write on.