August 16th, 2009


I am finished . . .

. . . for the most part.

After two long years, my job is coming to a close. I finished the last major project in my job on Friday. *insert cheering, weeping for joy, and insane laughter here*

I will likely go in to work on Monday to tie up a few random loose ends, but that's all, my friends. That is all!

While I know I shouldn't be excited about this in such a troubled economy, I'm happy to be finished. It was a long two years of work on this project and while I will miss it in a way, I'm relieved.

Initially, my plan was to have more writing time once my job was done. This plan is not a complete failure as I DO believe I will have more writing time. However, some of this writing time may be taken up with homework.

Yes, my friends, I'm going back to school. Years ago just after my oldest son was born I began taking college classes and working toward an AAS in Medical Transcription. I was close to being finished when I dropped out to work at the local video store (I was a single parent and wanted to have a job with steady income to provide for my child).

However, things have changed over the years, and I no longer have a desire to go into medical transcription. Thankfully, some of my credits will transfer and count toward my new goal. I have decided to get a degree in Elementary Education and become a Reading Specialist. What better way to combine my love of learning and reading?

So a chapter of my life has ended and a new chapter has begun. I'm not sure what kind of chapter it will be (adventure, comedy, drama), but hopefully it will be well worth the writing in the end. ;-)

HOWEVER, with the exception of one, my classes are in the evening this semester. Therefore, I will still have the daytime for my writing and I'm hoping I can spend most of it working on my novels as opposed to homework. =D


Write on.