June 9th, 2009


Scout camp is sickening!

Well, oldest son brought home a lovely bug from Scout camp. It was NOT food poisoning after all. D2 got sick last night and kept us awake, and now D1 has it as well. *sigh* I'm sure sometime tonight S2 will get it as well and then probably hubby.

I refuse to get it! I'm wiping door knobs, light switches, sinks, toilet seats, etc. with Clorox/Lysol wipes (whichever I grab first because we have both) and praying that I can kill the nasty little germs before they take over my entire house.

But the good news (if you can find good in puking children) is I had to call into work and my boss said not to come back until the kids are better (because they don't believe in "bring your germs to work day"). So I spent some time doing some work from home, and then I managed to get some writing stuff done.

So, minus puking kids, it was a good day.


Write on.