June 4th, 2009


Book contests and other stuff

Here are some great contests in which you can win the greatest prizes of all . . . books!

To win copies of Shiver, Catching Fire, and Liar visit Presenting Lenore.

To win a copy of Shiver, visit The Shady Glade.


I may be having a contest of my own in the near future . . . stay tuned for details.


In other stuff news . . . I've been printing stuff for work all day and burning through ink like nobody's business . . . I even have one of those Kodak printers that uses less ink and still the ink cartridges are sucked dry rather quickly. Of course, it's mostly the black ink cartridge with a little color ink used as well, but I know had I used my Lexmark printer, I'd be using WAY more ink.

What the heck am I printing that would take so much ink? Well, over the last year or so (I can't remember for sure when I began this portion of the project), I've been painstakingly reading every letter written from Fran to Irene (her mother), and from Irene to Fran. And as I read said letters, I summarized each one and highlighted important people, places, events, etc. While reading letters may seem like no big deal, remember this was from 1928-1975 and letter writing was the thing . . . we have eight boxes of these letters just between Fran and Irene (the entire collection is over 100 boxes).

My notes on boxes 1-8 are an impressive 241,105-words. Yeah . . . see how many novels I could have written had I not been working? *wink*

Why am I using my own printer? Because it uses less ink than the ones at work, of course. Plus my oldest is at Scout camp and I don't have a babysitter so I can't go in to work.

And about the printer situation,I highly recommend the Kodak ESP 5 All in One Printer. The only drawback is my having to either leave my laptop on the shelf with the printer, or move the printer to my bed (which I did today) so I can plug it in with the little USB cord. So, if you are going to buy one and you have wireless capabilities, buy the wireless Kodak printer . . . wish I had.

Anyway, while these notes have been printing (I have to print 22 copies) this morning, I've been catching up on email and blogs. Now I'm going to start in on some revisions! I know, I can't believe it myself.

So, stop updating your blogs so I can get some work done, people. LOL

Write on.