April 28th, 2009


Silver Phoenix Contest

What could be better than a contest? Well, how about a completely AWESOME contest? The wonderful Cindy Pon is having a contest to celebrate the upcoming release (May 1st) of her debut novel:

cover_icon for silver phoenix


And what can you win? Oh, my friends, you DON'T want to miss this!

First of all, you could win one of Cindy's original framed brush paintings! If you have not seen Cindy's brush painting, go here. I am blessed enough to own one of her amazingly beautiful paintings (Peach Blossoms).

But that's not all! Though it's hard to top a painting, Cindy is also offering a signed copy of her novel along with the painting. That's right, you get them BOTH!

But she's not done yet . . . nope, there's even more! In case you win and are crazy enough not to want one of her paintings, she's offering a $100 gift card to a bookstore of your choice with a signed copy of her novel.

And she may give away more than one painting/gift card prize depending on number of entries!

So, what do you have to do? Well, she is fantastic enough to offer you SEVERAL opportunities to earn a "raffle" ticket. There are too many to list here so please don't hesitate to click on the link and visit Cindy's blog.

And while you're clicking around, why not go check out the book trailer Madison did for "Silver Phoenix" . . . go on, get clicking!


Write on!