March 6th, 2009


The Great Procrastination Meme

Here are the rules. If you comment on this entry I will reply with 5 subjects/things/people/whatever that I associate with you. You then have to take those five, create a new post, elaborate on them and keep it going.

I got caught up in the moment and commented on whitehousemom's before I realized what I was doing. ;-)

Here are the five things she associates with me, and my elaborations on them.

1. Writing: I guess Paula associates me with writing because . . . well, I'm a writer. =)

The kids finished up their four week after school program yesterday. They participated in different "classes" (art, Dragonology, fun with science, etc.). Last night at the dinner table, D1 and I had the following conversation:

D1: Mom, I told my art teacher that you were really creative and did drawings and crafts and stuff and that you wrote books.

Me: You did, huh?

D1: Yep.

Me: What did she say?

D1: She thinks it's cool that you write books.

Me: Do you think it's cool that I write books?

D1: Duh! I wouldn't have told her if it wasn't.

So there you have it. Writing books is cool. =) But my biggest reward is seeing D1 and my other kids making their own books. D1 has become especially good at it. She's in the process of creating her own graphic novel . . . she's nine and while the stories/artwork may not be "professional" I think it's great that she's flexing her writing and artistic muscles. I expect great things to come from these early attempts. =)

2. Kids: Yeah. I have four of the little beasties and they always manage to make my life a bit more difficult. ;-) But no matter how much I may complain about them, I do love them very much. My life wouldn't be the same without them . . . heck, if it weren't for them, I probably wouldn't be a writer. Not only are they a great source of inspiration, but I want to be something more for them . . . not just mom (or supermom), but a mom who follows her dreams, sets goals, and strives to better herself. And why not? If I want them to succeed, I have to set an example. Right?

3. Hating pregnancy: I had horrible pregnancies. I was sick nearly the entire nine months. And I'm not talking the usual morning sickness . . . no, my friends, it was to the point of having to have IV fluids every other week because I couldn't keep enough down to prevent dehydration. And after the constant vomiting ended, the pre-term labor began. And if you've ever had to be on terbutaline, you understand. But I do have four wonderful monkeys from my five pregnancies so I suppose it was worth it. ;-)

4. Puppies: I breed, raise, and show Toy Fox Terriers. I own a couple of AKC champions and am looking forward to raising up a few more. =) These dogs bring lots of fun (and trying) times! My dog, Jewel, had puppies a month ago. Here's a couple of pictures of puppy preciousness:

sleeping puppies Jewel's puppies

5. Arizona: I live in this totally hot state. =) The area in which I live is about the perfect climate. It's warm in summer, but not as blistering hot as some places in AZ. Once in a while, our temps reach over 100, but not too often. And it's cold enough in winter to still get some snow. We usually only get one good snowfall a year, but that's enough for me. =) I like to look on the beauty of snow, but I don't like the cold it brings with it . . . could we have warm snow for a change? ;-)

And there you have it folks. The five things Paula associates with me and my elaborations on them. Now feel free to leave a comment and I'll associate five things with you . . . and then you can procrastinate with this Meme too!

Write on.