February 16th, 2009


Weekend woes

This weekend we traveled to a family birthday party. Unfortunately, only three of our family members actually attended the festivities. Hubby, D2, and I ended up in the Urgent Care facility.

As Mr. Monk would say, "Here's what happened."

We were the first to arrive at the party. The kids were playing as the aunts, uncles, and cousins began to arrive. D2 fell and caught her pinky finger of her right hand in the hide-a-bed couch. She came to me with her finger at an awkward angle. I told her to have daddy (he's an EMT) look at it and he agreed with me that it was likely dislocated.

We decided to leave our other three children at the party with my mother and drive D2 up to the Urgent Care facility about 30 minutes away. Upon arrival, we waited for an hour before being seen (they were busy with lots of ski accidents). They took x-rays with their digital machine

Kyra's broken finger1

and diagnosed her with a fracture (I think the doctor called it a Salter Fracture) of the lower knuckle on her pinky finger. Then the doctor said it was into the growth plate and would likely require surgery to repair. They splinted her finger to stabilize it


and sent us on our way with instructions to follow up with our local doctor (D2 has an appointment at 3:00 this afternoon . . . thank goodness our doctor is working today) and possibly make arrangements with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

We are hoping they won't have to do surgery (though that doctor thought it was inevitable).

So we missed the party, we're stressed out, and our plans for today are a bust. D2 is feeling okay and is managing pain with Motrin. She's nervous and concerned about the surgery possibility (doctor didn't know she understood what surgery meant so she freaked out when he said it), but over all, she's doing fine. I'm amazed because when I dislocated my finger, it HURT! But she's not complaining and hasn't had any Motrin since last night.

She did sleep in our bed last night so we didn't get much sleep, but it was a small price to pay for her to be able to relax and sleep.

So those are our weekend woes. How has your three day weekend been?

Write on.