February 9th, 2009


King Cake Party Day! WINNER!!

The dough for the King Cake is rising! I wasn't sure it would do well since it is a cold, rainy/snowy day today. But I did turn my oven on (to warm) in an effort to help heat the kitchen and make the dough rise.

So, the party will go forward today!

I didn't find a little doggie or baby to put in the cake so I decided to use a glass bead instead. I found some nice purple, green, and gold ones to stick with the traditional King Cake colors.


So I will wash one of these beautiful beads and put it in the cake. Maybe one of the prizes I'll send the winner will be a bracelet or necklace made with the bead from the cake. =)

So, when the cake is done, I'll be back to post the winner!


Okay, so the cake didn't turn out too well (I had to go get kids from school during the process and it didn't quite get done. But we went ahead and did it anyway! So, here's the cake.

My son is putting the names in because I knew the general area where the beads were and didn't want to be accused of playing favorites. ;-)

Here are all the names in place:

Then I cut the cake with son telling me where to cut. So here's the cake all cut.

Then we started cutting into smaller pieces because I couldn't handle the huge chunks as they were. I started over in Amandamarrone's section because I thought the beads were over there. Apparently I was wrong when I said I thought I knew the general area of the beads. *blush* The beads were not there. Then we moved to Whitehousemom's section as I was sure they must be there . . . but again, I was wrong. So the next section over was Robinellen's. You'll notice in the above picture that her name is in the yellow section with a bit of green on the edge. I thought the beads might be in the yellow section so I started on the far side. I was wrong again. This isn't my night! Son suggested I move to the piece with the bit of green.

And there they were! Son gave the thumbs-up sign. He moved the name over to the green part of Robinellen's section because we had destroyed the yellow part trying to find the beads. By the way, the stuff in the middle of the cake is cream cheese filling, not raw dough (the top of the cake is done, it's the bottom part that didn't fare so well).

Anyway, Congratulations Robinellen!

Dang girl, you are on a roll! I'm not sure what I'll send you yet, but you know I'm good for it! =D

And now, you get to host the next KING CAKE PARTY on your blog! So everyone keep checking Robin's blog to enter her King Cake Party!

Thank you all for playing and I hope you have a great night.

Write on.