January 26th, 2009


Want to win Chocolate?

In honor of Valentine's Day (coming soon to a calendar near you), I thought I'd hold a little contest. First of all, let me show you my inspiration for this idea.

My husband saw this in a store and thought it was funny so he brought it home to me.


This is a Marital Bliss Bar from Bloomsberry & Co. (not to be confused with Bloomsbury). I thought it was hilarious! Now we did open it and eat a bit of it. He only got two squares . . . much less than the 50% the box gave him . . . but I won't eat the rest of it without him . . . I'll be good. I can resist, really I can. =D Let me tell you, this is good stuff!

On to the CONTEST!

From now until February 7th, I'd like to hear your WORST Valentines gift and/or experience. The gift can be something you either gave or received, but the experience must be your own. Everyone who posts a comment with either a worst gift or worst experience will have one entry into the contest. You may post both a worst gift and a worst experience if you wish to have two entries. And if you wish to have three entries, you may post a worst gift, a worst experience, AND post about this contest (with a link to this post . . . either from my LJ or my Blogger) in your blog.

Why would you want to win this contest? For the fabulous prizes, of course! Oh, did I forget to tell you about the prizes?

Well, here we go . . .

There will be two winners.

Grand prize is your own Marital Bliss Bar as well as other chocolate/Valentine's Day related goodies, a $25 Amazon.com card, and a $50 Rim Treasure Trove.com gift card!

And don't worry about the Valentine's Day related goodies, I won't be sending lingerie or anything kinky (I'll keep those things for myself =D). I'll add a picture of the chocolate items soon (will be going shopping in a bit).

Edited to add: Here is a picture of the Grand Prize sweets

First prize is a Marital Bliss Bar, a chocolate frog (not from Harry Potter), and a $25 Rim Treasure Trove.com gift card.

ETA: Here's a picture of the First Prize sweets

The contest will end on February 7th at 6:00pm EST (so I will hopefully have time to mail the goodies to arrive before Valentine's Day).

Go ahead, you know you want to enter. ;-)

Write on.