January 5th, 2009


It's the first Monday of 2009!

I sent my kids back to school today . . . except for D2, who is sick. I had planned to dive back into work, but D2 wants my attention and since she's sick, she's getting it. ;-)

At the moment she's distracted by the Pixos she got for Christmas so I will hopefully have a few hours of peace, but I doubt it since she wants me to "help" her do it. And by help, I mean she wants me to do it for her. But not this time, honey! ;-)

I've been feeling a bit sick myself and along with this comes the doldrums. I mope and give up on things and tend to be BLAH for a while . . . but then I read a post by Lisa Schroeder today and I'm  no longer feeling BLAH! Now I'm all fired up and thinking "Maybe this time . . ." In fact, I think "Maybe this time" will be my theme this year.

So thank you, Lisa for your post today. I have an online meeting with some writer friends today and I'm looking forward to it because I know I'll find more inspiration there (I always do). And then D2 may allow me some time to get work done. Yeah . . . maybe this time. :D

Write on.



I know how you all love contests and here is a great one. Want to win a copy of "Silver Phoenix" by Cindy Pon?

cover_icon for silver phoenix 

Visit her blog a little sweet, a little sour and tell her your favorite Chinese dish.

Yep, it's that simple!

Winner will be posted on Cindy's blog on Monday, January 12th. So go visit and enter. And don't say I never did nothin' for you!


Write on.