November 20th, 2008


I was so beautiful to him . . .

After my elation of finishing my Nano novel, hubby and I went to pick the children up from school. We greeted them as they climbed into the van and scrambled for their seat belts (I was driving). As we pulled out of the school, we asked the usual question, "So, how was your day?" and the children usually respond with, "Fine. I had *insert PE, Music, Library depending on the day of the week*" and continue with any exciting or interesting things that may have happened (including what was on the menu for lunch).

But yesterday was different. Yesterday our kindergartner, Jaykeb, had a substitute. So, when we asked how the day went, the following conversation occurred:


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Now, I'm going to jump on the revision wagon and start whipping Wolfsbane At Midnight into shape.

Write on.