November 4th, 2008


What's your Nano fuel?

Okay, to start my day off right, first I took my kids to school, then I VOTED (if you haven't done so yet, go do it!), fed the dogs (cause they need to eat, too), and now I'm sitting down to eat breakfast. We writers need fuel for our brains and we all know "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", right? So what is my choice for Nano fuel?

I had my mind set on a nice bowl of shredded wheat (with sugar on top) but upon opening the refrigerator, I discovered my darling children had used all the milk and not bothered to tell me so I could get more for MY breakfast. I debated about going into town and purchasing more milk, but knew this would delay my writing (and therefore my word count for the day). I decided I would find something else to eat. What did I settle on?

A nice hot bowl of chili! Yes, I realize it's not the usual choice for breakfast, but it was there and I was there and I needed to eat something (dog food wasn't looking too appetizing). And besides, it has meat, beans, tomato sauce and I'm eating crackers with it so it's sort of healthy . . . *grin* I may eat it for lunch, too. It's my very own recipe so it's not too spicy and won't give me terrible heart burn.

Anyway, enough justifying of my choice of Nano fuel, I want to know:


What's your fuel of choice for Nano energy (besides chocolate because that's a given)?


Write on.