October 17th, 2008


Revisions on novels and decorating and sewing . . .

. . . these are a few of my favorite things . . . Not really.

Days have come and gone (that's how it works, you know). I've been busy. I revised the beginning of BoBDH, read blogs, and the rest of the week has been spent decorating for Halloween (Wednesday) and sewing dresses for my girls. I will be continuing the dressmaking efforts today. What's the occasion? Um . . . Easter? Yeah, these are the dresses I was supposed to make them for Easter. *blush* I'm a bit behind. DH suggested I wait until this Easter, but the girls want (and need) their new dresses.

After the girls' dresses are done, I need to make a dress for myself (my Easter dress), a Halloween costume for myself (for Halloween, duh), and a stick horse for my nephew (for his Halloween getup). I hope to finish all this today . . . but I may be setting my goals too high . . . that's a lot of sewing to get done. The sewing part goes rather quickly, it's folding the pattern to the correct size and cutting out the fabric that takes the most time.

I also promised the kids we'd assemble and decorate the Halloween "gingerbread" house today. Have I mentioned I'm looking forward to November? No? Well I am! November brings NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and a month of nothing but writing. Oh, and also that other thing during November . . . when you eat so much you want to die. But we will be spending Thanksgiving at the in-laws so I don't anticipate having to cook anything . . . . ha ha ha. Oh I crack myself up. I ALWAYS have to cook the pies when we go to the in-laws, otherwise we don't have any pie. And what's Thanksgiving without pie? Less fattening, sure. Less stressful, sure. But not nearly as delicious.

Now I must to sewing . . . right after I check friends' blogs and do a bit of reading and . . . *grin*

Write on.