September 15th, 2008


The birth of an idea

The morning began like any other morning. I got the kids up and helped them get ready for school. I drove my son to his early morning class, came home, fed the rest of the kids, and took them off to school. After dropping the younger children at school, I went to pick up my son and his friends from their early morning class and take them to high school. It was on the way to the high school that the idea for a new novel was born. One of the girls in the car mentioned something in passing that sparked my imagination and it went from there. I could hardly wait to get home to write it down!

So, I've written a rough outline of the novel this morning. It is a promising idea, and I'm excited about it. However, I don't have a burning desire to write it out. The story and characters aren't yet to the point where they cry out for me to write their story. I'll let it simmer a few days and see if it reaches boiling. Only then will I be able to flesh out the few paragraphs of outline into a novel. I'm thinking I may even hold off and try to use the idea for my Nano book this year.

Still, I'm excited about the prospect, and if the fire burns hot enough to boil the idea, I may have it written by Nano time. We'll see. In the mean time, I'm off work this week as my bosses are in California. So I'm waiting by the phone today on the off chance that I get a call from General Mills in regards to the Cheerio's Contest.

I'm sure there were many wonderful entries and while I may have slightly better odds than winning the lottery, my odds aren't the best. For one thing, it's the first picture book I've written and I know nothing about picture books. And did I mention several other talented people entered? I know several BB-ers did. Still, I'd never entered a writing contest (other than in my high school) so it was fun. If I don't get a call, I may consider trying to submit the PB somewhere. I'd have to do some research about PBs though to educate myself first. I probably did it all wrong. LOL

Anyway, I better get to work on revising my fantasy novel. I'm also working on giving it a new title. And thanks to my wonderful friend,[info]robinellen, I have some notes from a conference to look over. I hope to get to them today, too. Thanks Robin! But I have to work on some revisions first, the notes will be my reward. *grin*

Write on.