September 4th, 2008


Come on everybody, let's clean up the house!

Some of you may recognize that line. If only it were true. "Everybody" doesn't live at my house. *sigh* I took the day off work to get some house cleaning accomplished. And yes, as I am writing this, the toilets are full of cleaner (soaking) and the washer and dryer are going. My children keep getting sick so I decided to disinfect my house! Armed with Lysol spray and Lysol wipes, I'm on the war path. Those germs don't stand a chance against me, no sir-ee. I'll get them, my pretties, and their infectious diseases, too!

In other news, Mia (the MinPin) is doing well. Healing up well. She ended up having to get some teeth pulled, too (that's what happens when teeth don't get brushed . . . yes, I brush my dogs teeth. She is stubborn and refuses to let me brush her teeth, bathe her, or clip her nails. Nay, these things are beneath Princess Mia Belle of the Ball (see, I used her full name cause I'm mad at her *grin*). But since they had to put her under anesthesia to pull her teeth, they clipped her nails. So there! Now if only I can wrestle her into getting a bath when her wound is healed. My other dogs are much better behaved when it comes to grooming time.

In writing news, I hope to spend some in-between-cleaning time to work on my synopsis (right after I post here). I've managed to do a chapter outline and this will help in my synopsis writing . . . I hope. I also have some books waiting for me to read them. They are patient books and hardly ever whack me over the head to remind me they are still waiting. Maybe I'll let my synopsis wait and read between laundry loads instead. It would be much easier to stop reading than it would to break concentration on the synopsis. Right? Yep, see how I rationalized my way out of writing? *wink*

No, I'll be good and work on my synopsis instead. Oh! There's the dryer. Time to get back to cleaning.

Write on.