September 1st, 2008


Labor day of love

Today we piled in the minivan and drove two hours to Flagstaff, Arizona. Why? To take our children to the Coconino County Fair! The kids rode some rides (I did not . . . don't do well on rides). We played games, won prizes, and saw exhibits. It was a fun day, but boy am I TIRED! I think my walking around the fairgrounds was my exercise for the year! *grin* I think I may be a bit sore in the morning because I'm already aching. Still, it was worth it to see how much fun the kids had.

This weekend is the Gila County fair (where we live) and I'm going with my youngest and his kindergarten class on Friday. I am excited because it will be the first time I've been able to attend a field trip with my children. Another perk of having all four of them in school. I've arranged to have Friday off work and am looking forward to the field trip. I may not think it exciting after I attend (have to be in charge of a group of kids), but for now, ignorance is bliss.

In doggy news, when we got home today, we discovered our Miniature Pinscher has a cut on her back between her shoulders. I'm calling the vet in the morning to see if I can get an appointment . . . so I may not make it in to work tomorrow. It looks like a small cut, but deep. I have no idea how she got it, though I've searched for a source. *sigh* My Chocolate colored show dog, Calypso, escaped but she's back where she belongs now. I think I found the hole under the fence she used and have blocked it. Still, I'm keeping them locked in to prevent any escapes during the night.

I got no writing done, though I did think about some possible changes to make as we drove the two hours to Flagstaff and the two hours home. Now I have to find the time to implement the possible revisions.

So happy Labor Day to all of you. Hope you enjoyed it.

Write on.