August 29th, 2008


1/2 day

Hooray! I only worked half a day (okay, not literally cause that would be twelve hours) at work today. Bosses were going out of town for the long weekend and needed to get some packing done. I was heartbroken to leave early, as you can tell. Of course, I may be heartbroken when I get my paycheck on Tuesday since I only worked thirteen hours total this week.

After getting off work at noon, I decided to treat myself to lunch. I was thinking Arby's because I wanted a cherry turnover (I'm addicted). I came home to enjoy my turnover and was flooded with guilt. I ran off to work this morning and forgot to feed the dogs! They were barking mad when I came through the door. Boy did I get barked at! I tried to apologize, but I was barking up the wrong tree.

Anywho, I fed them, which is NOT as easy as it sounds. Let me break it down.

I had to dodge, avoid, and scramble not to step on four puppies and six adult dogs as I went out the back door and made my way to the exercise pen. Picking up each one of the four puppies, I placed them in the exercise pen while the adult dogs complained loudly that the puppies were getting attention.

After putting the puppies in the pen I dodged the adult dogs to get to the container of puppy food and scooped out four bowls worth. Balancing the four full bowls, I maneuvered to the exercise pen and the hungry puppies within. Amid licks, nips (from Calypso) and general pawing, I got the bowls of food into the pen and made it out just in time as the puppies devoured the food.

Again, dodging the adult dogs I made my way back to the containers and opened the adult dog food. After filling and stacking the six adult bowls I made it to the porch where I laid down the bowls. Thank goodness the adults are a bit more civilized and don't lick or paw as I put the bowls down.

Whew! Now you know what it's like feeding the dogs. *grin* Then I quickly checked my tomato plants to see if any were ripe enough to pick (close, but not quite) and hurried back to my waiting cherry turnover (see, I was good enough not to eat it on the way home). I wanted to begin eating right away, but decided I should wash my hands first. I didn't want to eat any germs with my lunch.

I did order a salad with my turnover and resisted the cherry goodness long enough to snarf down the salad. And it was worth the wait. MMMMM. Love those chery turnovers.

I surfed the web a bit while I ate and visited Verla's. Then I had to go back outside, pick up the adults' food bowls, walk over to the exercise pen, let the puppies out, and pick up the puppy's food bowls (if puppies eat adult food or adults eat puppy food, they have trouble with their bowels). Now, it's time to get back in the minivan and go get the kids from school.

OH, that reminds me!

Yesterday I got a package from! BOOKS!!! Woo Hoo!! I had ordered, "The Magic Thief", "The Magician: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel", and "Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox." I'm in the process of reading "The Magic Thief". What's that got to do with picking up my kids from school? I take the book with me to read while I wait in line to get the three youngest (elementary school) and then read it during the 45 minute wait to pick up the oldest (high school).

I'm off!

Write on.