August 27th, 2008


I've been working . . . but not on the railroad

I went back to work today after spending the beginning of the week with my feverish daughter home from school. My boss and I made some amazing discoveries at work. I wish I could share . . . darn that confidentiality contract. *frown*

Even with work, I managed to get some writing time in. I revised a query in the morning while the kids were getting ready and posted it on the Blue Boards (Verla Kay's site) for some much needed help. After cooking Chicken Marinara (not sure I spelled that right . . . too lazy to look it up) for dinner and sending the kids off to bed, I had a chance to check the responses to my post. I am amazed at the Blue Boarders and their willingness to help out a fellow author. I had some FABULOUS responses and suggestions.

After tweaking things a bit, I think I finally have a query worthy of submission! We'll see. I believe the new version is FAR better than any previous versions I slapped on a page. Now if only I can get the synopsis down, I can start submitting.

And that's about it for today. I'm back to work tomorrow and don't know if I'll find time to write, but I'll sure try. Off to read the novel on the back of my eyelids.

Write on.