August 26th, 2008


Grr! Arrg!

Queries are NOT my friends.

I feel better now. *wink*

This week hasn't begun any better than last week. I'm thinking someone put a curse on me or something. So, whoever did it, undo it . . . PLEASE!

I have a daughter who has been running a fever since Sunday. She's doing better, but since the thermometer says she still has a fever, she isn't allowed to go to school. So, I've missed the last two days of work.

I don't mind missing the last two days of work as it has given me time to work on revising the last half of my book. HOWEVER, it also allowed time for working on my query, which I DO mind. Me no likey queries.

Me no likey synopses either.

Yeah, it seems the only part I enjoy in writing a novel is the writing of the novel part. Can my novel get published without query writing, synopsis writing, and the outline thing?

*sigh* I realize I have to keep plugging away at it and someday (after I've alienated nearly everyone in the publishing/agent-ing world) I'll get it right.

Why are winning queries so difficult to write (notice I wrote "winning" . . . I've written plenty of "losing" queries)?

1. Writers love words.

2. Summing up 50,000 words into a few paragraphs on one page is like parting the Red Sea, and I'm not Moses.

3. Many writers are querically challenged (and querically is so a word *wink*).

4. Did I mention writers love words?

5. The majority of the one page is taken up by the addresses of the author and agent/editor. Not much room left to sell the novel.

6. Yeah, I got nothing.

Why can't I query with 50,000 words?

Anywho, I better stop complaining and get back to working on my query writing . . . unless someone wants to write it for me!

Anyone? Anyone? I'll pay you in Entenmann's. *grin*

Write on.