August 23rd, 2008


Writing Day

Between housework and getting after my kids to clean their rooms (still working on that), I managed to get some writing done. I worked on my query (two versions) and wrote a rough draft of my synopsis. I also did some minor revisions in my first four chapters. I have more minor revisions and a few major ones to tackle, but I'm pleased with my progress.

I need to get laundry going and see how the rooms are coming (I hear laughter and giggles so I know the work has ceased) but hope to get back to writing before the day ends. I may have to take over room cleaning . . . you know with a big black garbage bag . . . so the earlier writing may be it for the day.

In other news, I have some Roma tomatoes ripening! I can't wait till they are ready to pick. My mom had started some plants and had nowhere for them to go (plans fell through) so I offered to take five of them. I planted them in containers (huge pots) and put them in a fenced area (to keep the dogs out) in my back yard. Four of the five plants have tomatoes on them. One plant is not doing well. Three of the plants with tomatoes are doing okay, and one is THRIVING! All total I have 34 tomatoes on the vine (at last count . . . though it seems more appear daily). Might be able to make a small batch of salsa.

Write on.