August 21st, 2008


Is the week over yet?

This has not been my week.

Monday I went back to work (it was okay but I didn't want to be there).

Early Tuesday morning (2:00 a.m.)I had a panic attack and ended up in the Emergency Room (not because of work . . . I have been fighting allergies and felt like I couldn't breathe . . . thus the panic attack).

Wednesday morning DH's truck wouldn't start (it's a diesel and he has to use it for work) so we spent the day trying to get it up and running. We ended up replacing both batteries.

Thursday my kids forgot important papers and things they needed for school so I was an hour late to work. Just as I arrived, DH called to tell me his delivery truck was late and if we still wanted to go out on our planned date, I would have to help him with his job. I talked to my boss, worked a couple of hours, and then went to help DH (thank goodness I have GREAT bosses!).

After I finished helping DH, I picked up the kids from school and came home. My youngest child said he was cold so my oldest daughter got the "temper taker" and checked his temperature. The digital thermometer read 103.4! Hubby and I thought about canceling our date, but we decided to give the boy some Motrin and go out. We went to a movie but skipped the dinner portion of the evening to return home early.

The youngest will be staying home from school today which means I won't be going to work. I'm not terribly sad about this and am hoping I can get some revising done (if he'll let me). His temper is hovering around 100 degrees today but if it spikes again, I'll be on the phone to the doctor. He has no other symptoms other than a "tuffy dnose". We'll see how the day progresses. But seriously, can tomorrow be better, please?

Write on.