August 13th, 2008


What a day!

I planned on spending time on my query, summary, etc. today. However, it didn't happen. My hubby wasn't feeling well and asked if I'd help him with his job (he delivers Oroweat bread and Entenmann's to the stores in the area). I, being the good wife I am, felt sorry for him and agreed to help.

While we were stocking the bread in one of the grocery stores, hubby's back went out. He was in a tremendous ammount of pain. We were driving different vehicles so I suggested he go see the chiropractor while I finish stocking the shelves in the stores. He agreed. After he finished at the chiropractor, he came back to help finish the stores. He was in a back brace and informed me he had injured his back pretty good. *sigh* He tried to help stock the shelves, but realized he had lost his cell phone. PANIC! I told him I would finish the store while he went to re-trace his steps and hopefully find his phone. If he couldn't find it he would go to the cellular store and de-activate it.

Well, he didn't find it. However, when I finished working, I called his cell phone in the hopes someone had found it and would answer. They did! It was the receptionist from the chiropractor's office (he had already been there in his search and they found it after he left). I went to get it and spent the next hour driving around town trying to find him to let him know I had it. 

I gave up and went home. Eventually he came home to call Altell because they couldn't deactivate his phone in the local store. I told him I had his phone and they were happily re-united.

I could have spent the remainder of the afternoon working on my writing as planned, but hubby wanted to lie in bed and sleep (the pain meds helped). I guess I type too loud and it was bothering him so I graciously stopped.

I had hoped to get back to it tomorrow, but hubby has asked if I will help him again tomorrow since he is still in so much pain. So I am going to spend tomorrow stocking shelves and wishing I were home writing. But I'm nice and can't say no when he so obviously needs me.

In other news (though not writing) the kids are enjoying school. Even my youngest! I wasn't sure how he would take to all day kindergarten since he barely turned five July 14th, but he is doing well, considering. We did have a moment last week when he had some tears and didn't want to go to school, but he appears to be over it now and likes it well enough. Hopefully this will be a great school year for all involved . . . especially for my 15 year old sophmore in high school!

My 15 year old is looking forward to getting his lerner's permit (for driving) in January. I'm not looking forward to that so much. *wink*

Anyway, I'm off to bed. Gotta rest up for tomorrow.