authorwithin (authorwithin) wrote,

Nano update

After spending time talking on the phone this morning, I still managed to add an additional 4,571 words to my Nano novel!

I did get a few more words in yesterday so my ending total was 17,293.

So my total so far today (I say so far because I intend to write more) is 21,864.

I'm at an exciting scene and only stopped because I had to go get my kids from school. I really want to keep going, but the kids are begging for snacks and attention so I can't concentrate. I WILL get back to it once they settle down and start their "free time". Then while they are doing chores (I did mine as I talked on the phone this morning) I can finish making up the new chore chart we will be implementing next week. *sigh*

Tomorrow will be a massive house cleaning effort as it was last Saturday so I doubt I will get any writing done tomorrow.

Still, I'm moving right along. Okay, kids, I'm coming!!!

Write on.

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