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Contest Time!!!

I know it’s not morning, but there was an issue at the kids’ school this morning that I had to take care of (had to go into the principal’s office). It’s all good, but it took most of the morning, and by the time I got home I had to get started on J’s school day (she does online school). So, it’s afternoon, but I promised a contest today and by golly you’re going to get a contest!

This contest is to celebrate When the Butterflies Came by Kimberley Griffiths Little. This is an AWESOME middle grade novel!!

I’ll be posting a full review of it within the next few days, but let me just say that I LOVE it!! I’m a fan of Kimberley’s other books (The Healing Spell and Circle of Secrets), but I really think this is my favorite. It’s not only a great coming of age story, but I loved, loved, loved the mystery aspect of this one in particular.

Okay, it may be partly due to the fact that I love butterflies and this book was chock full of them, but this book also has mysterious keys and mysterious people. Yeah. L-O-V-E!!

But I’ll stop gushing because I promised a review later, and you just want to know about the Contest!

First, the prizes!

There will be several winners (and more prizes to come over the next few days), but here are the main prizes.


One (1) grand prize winner will get:

A hardcover copy of When the Butterflies Came with a beaded bookmark made by myself, a Live Butterfly Garden (see picture below), and a secret butterfly craft made by me. This may be any one of the following: an origami butterfly, a butterfly mobile made from repurposed water bottles, a butterfly bracelet, a butterfly necklace, a butterfly scrabble tile charm/necklace—who knows what I’ll choose (thus, the word “surprise”)?

WTBC book and bookmark(okay, this is an ARC copy of the book because the hardcover was in the house and I was in my shed and I was too lazy to go inside to get the book for pictures—but I promise you’ll get a hardcover)

This is a close-up of the bookmark (it’s purple because I love purple, but I also have orange, blue, pink, green, or white butterflies and can make one of those colors if you prefer):

butterfly bookmark

And here’s the butterfly garden—you send off the coupon in the box and they’ll send you the caterpillars and food. Then you watch the metamorphosis and when the butterflies emerge, you can release them! YAY!

butterfly garden 


One (1) first prize winner will receive:

A Butterfly and Flowers themed Sun Catchers project. This is a kit that includes paint, a brush, the plastic sun catchers, and some window suction cups. You paint the sun catchers and hang them in your window—yanno so they can catch the sunlight. Fun! The first prize winner will also receive  some When the Butterflies Came bookmarks to share and a secret butterfly craft made by me. This may be a beaded bookmark, or any one of the other crafts I mentioned above in the grand prize section.

suncatcher and bookmarks prizes


Two (2) second prize winners will receive a When the Butterflies Came bookmark and a surprise butterfly craft made by me.

So . . . how do you enter? It’s so easy!! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me if you like butterflies. If you like them, tell me one reason why. If you don’t like them, tell me one reason why. That’s it!

Now, if you want more chances to win, you can spread the word about this contest (with a link) on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere on the internet and leave links to where you shared the love.

The contest will run from now until April 17th (that’s next Wednesday).

Best of luck!

Contest on!

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